Blog Posts

May 2023 - Curtis Middlehurst

Empowering Junior Analysts with AI Language Models

How we can use language models to assist during triage.

January 2023 - Curtis Middlehurst

Sentinel Study on a Shoestring

How to make a low-cost Microsoft Sentinel Lab (Without Free Tier)

October 2022 - Curtis Middlehurst

What the Hell is that DLL? - Better Triage Resources

A more effective way to triage incidents that avoids using standard search engines.

July 2022 - Curtis Middlehurst

Triage: Group Modifications in Windows

What to look out for when triaging group modification alarms in Windows.

April 2022 - Curtis Middlehurst

Is your authentication future proof?

A look into current methods of authentication and how to secure them along with what may be used in the future.

March 2022 - Curtis Middlehurst

Legacy Authentication: How attackers are bypassing MFA in Azure AD 

A look into a common Azure AD misconfiguration.